The goal at Informado is to create specific software for our customer. Based on our framework, we build software fitting at 100% our customer specificities. This framework has tons of functionalities. The main ones are multi language support, unicode compliant, automatic mail creation, security based on users and groups, excel export from any grid and reports. Thanks to those already existing functionalities, we can achieve result faster. Informado has a huge experience in ordering tool (also called on shelf availability), routing system (agenda), category management, web services and Sap interfaces. Informado can provide software support services depending of your needs. At Informado, we believe that a tailor made software is still the best solution to any business problem encountered by our customers.

Informado has been chosen to support the internal ordering tool of Danone as Level 2.


Release of the new human ressource tool at Danone Belgium. This tool has been created and developed by Informado team.