Hand to hand relation is a must have.
We take human contact to our first priority. We love to come to your place, listen to you, watching you to better understand you. We are not a black box hidden somewhere on the planet !

The persons you are talking to are the persons that work for you.
All the software we develop are 100% created by us. We do not work with third parties. If you have an issue, you call us and you are sure to talk to the right person directly!

If you have any question :
Do not hesitate to take contact with us by phone or by mail. We will be pleased to answer any question you would have.
Click here to contact us.

Every customer has his own Service center :

Our aim is not to sell to two different customers the same solution. We do not want you to adapt to our solution. We create a solution for you. We have aquired a broad range of expertize in all these domains :

  • Windows forms Applications (Wpf,...)
  • Website Application (Asp.net,...)
  • SQL server management
  • Neural networks configurations
  • Business Inteligence
  • Dashboard and scorecard creations
  • 3D Printing Expertize
  • IT Training and exam preparations
  • 24/7 Software support