At Informado, we use technology to create powerful solutions that are focused on such critical areas as enhancing customer relations and increasing revenue opportunities. Our software is designed to take advantage of the interactive networking and document interfacing technologies of the future and to ensure a dramatic reduction in your cost of application maintenance and enhancement

Being located in the center of Europe is a perfect jurisdiction for Application development in terms of a highly skilled multilingual interfaces, ease of travelling and a convenient time zone.

Focus on People
We expect from each employee at Informado to have at least 10 years of experience with Microsoft development tools. No place for trial and error. Only the highest skilled are working for you!

We are active on multiple domains such as :
  • Human ressource management (Pay management, reporting,..)
  • Order to cash and On shelf availability (OSA)
  • Securing applications and their environement
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Stock management
  • Neural Networks

Developping a Order to cash Windows Forms Software

This major dairy company trusted our 7+ years in the dairy field to create a software from scratch to do order estimation/validation and achieve highest OSA possible.

“...Working hand in hand with Informado was the best cooperation I had in years. They know what they do and they do it well!...”

Cécile C.
Developping a security framework Web application

This customer needed a single point of security for all his applications (web & Windows forms). Completely manageable from inside and outside of his company.

“...They could provide me with a working prototype within 2 weeks, I was then sure they understood what I wanted...”

Ilsbroux R.
Supporting and updating a customer made application

This company needed support on homemade application during employee's holidays.

“...Informado was able to manage these home made application during holidays and training periods of my own employees. They are a very good "backup" solution for supporting our own applications...”

Wesley V.